Saturday, July 5, 2014


Rumors have been brewing for some time now that infidelity has infected the sanctity of Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J's marriage, and unfortunately today those rumors were confirmed by both Joseline and Stevie on Twitter.  Whispers have been floating around that Joseline has been creeping on Stevie and actually got herself pregnant by one of her side pieces.  The pregnancy rumors have yet to be confirmed, but it is a fact that Joseline has been on the low smashing the homies.
Stevie initially posted some vague tweets about the situation, before letting it all hang out when he tweeted:
"Took her from the strip club & off her back & she sleeps on me with over 30 dudes even gay men. #staytuned."
While the number is astronomical, Joseline went on to confirm that she cheated with loads of men, including some high-profile celebrity names.  Among her hit list, names such as Drake, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Nelly came up.  Joseline even claimed to have slept with some of Stevie's friends.  She also posted pictures of text conversations she had with various people, which date back to 2012, so she's been sliding to the left on Stevie for quite some time. 
Stevie seems to be hurting from the realization that his marriage is now shattered, for the last tweet that he posted regarding Joseline's sly romances was, "This is a bad dream!!!"
Amid all of the cheating news, Joseline also posted a photo with Jamie Foxx on Instagram a few days ago with "..." as the caption, which left room for her fans to speculate that she was hinting at something between them.  Benzino took notice to all of Joseline's posts and was eager to speak to Stevie about it on Twitter.
Check out all of the wild tweets above.  How do you feel about Joseline admitting that she's been cheating on Stevie J for so long?  - VLADTV

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