Tuesday, January 1, 2013


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Those who attended a New Year’s Eve Celebration at the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids said chaos ensued after patrons realized someone had been shot.
Police believe the victim was accidentally shot in the buttocks when two men began fighting with each other and at least one of them pulled out a gun.
The shooting happened at around 3:15 a.m.
“It was crazy. It was just chaotic,” said Arielle Rembert, a resident of East Lansing. “I don’t know. One minute I’m dancing and the next minute everyone’s running.”
Rembert was welcoming in the new year with a group of friends when the panic ensued.
She didn’t hear gunshots inside the club, but got sucked into the hysteria and rush of the crowd.
“I think someone saw a gun and people started to run and then I started to run,” said Rembert.
Along with everything that still litters the floor, Rembert somehow lost her keys and phone in the chaos.
“I don’t really remember how I dropped it or what happened ‘cause I was scared,” said Rembert. “So, I just ran and then when I got into my car I realized I didn’t have everything and I tried to go back in and they were like, ‘no someone’s shot’.”
With 700 to 800 people in attendance, Facebook immediately lit up with posts from people expressing their thoughts about the violence.
“The Orbit Room was fun. Until they start shooting,”  said Whittney Quinn.
“Thanks everybody who came out to the Orbit Room everybody made it home safe,” said Kevin Freeman.
DJ Big Napp and Moe McCoy were hosting the party when the shooting happened.
“I was on stage. I had no idea that there was a shooting, you know,” said McCoy. “I believe it was unrelated to our event. I came out later, saw police cars everywhere, but none of the staff were harmed or no one inside.”
McCoy wants people to feel confident that the club itself is safe.
Police said the suspect disappeared on a party bus bound for Kalamazoo.
However, when law enforcement tried to hunt them down, they realized he may have been dropped off before they could get to him.
Rembert said the shooting is making her think twice about going out at all.
“This world is crazy, crazy,” said Rembert.