Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CAUGHT ON CAM: Body Camera Shows Cop Shoot Elderly Man Holding an Axe

The above video shows a Black police officer shoot and kill an elderly Black man in Selma, Alabama. 
A group of police arrived at the scene in response to a report of disorderly conduct, where 74-year-old Ananias Shaw was walking through the streets holding an axe in his hand. 

Officers pursued him and demanded that he "put the axe down" numerous times, but Shaw refused, and instead taunted them to shoot him. Just before the fatal shot was fired, Shaw screamed out at the officer, "shoot it!" to which the officer complied. 

This case was taken before a grand jury and the officer was not indicted for killing Shaw. Some people who have viewed this footage have questioned why out of the 5:21 clip, none of the officers pulled out a taser and shot Shaw with that instead of using lethal force. The shooting occurs at the 3:50 mark. 
We warn you, the video is graphic.


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