Tuesday, June 3, 2014


After telling ya this would happen 50 challenged Jay's Summer Jam antics of bringing out Michael Jackson and putting Prodigy on the Summer Jam screen by reuniting with Nas and most importantly G-Unit (even though we all knew it was going down) and also settling a beef right on stage. Here's the back story. 

Slowbucks is an urban clothing brand named after 2 friends a Haitian kid named Winslow & his Puerto Rican BFF Bugsy or Slow & Bucks for short. Slow was 1 of many lil niggas from Queens who used to run under 50 when G-Unit started and was in Fif's "In My Hoood" video at the :33 clip.

Meanwhile Bucks was fu*kin with Juelz Skull Gang because they grew up with Banks cousin John Depp who Juelz signed to Skull Gang. Because of Slows relationship with G-Unit & Bucks relationship with Skull Gang they were able to orchestrate Banks & Juelz collaboration for "Beemer Benz & Bentley" and therefore get a lil clout in the industry since the song was a hit. 

When they eventually formed Slowbucks the clothing line, 50 co-signed cause they was his lil niggas. 

However 50 began to separate himself from Slowbucks because they mainly Slow began aligning himself with Fif's enemies like Rick Ross & DJ Khaled. But Slow really did this for publicity photo ops for his brand and to get them to wear his shirts which they did and in turn got fans to buy them which they did and eventually secured a distribution deal with Marc Echo and that's how they made their real money. 

Trav who was a G-Unit affiliate and is the younger brother to one of 50's other goon Hov then disses 50 on Twitter for allegedly sh*tting on Banks & Yayo who are having financial trouble. 

Then Trav gets pushed by 50 onstage when Meek brings him out.

But if that wasn't enough Trav responds to it with a diss video which features you guessed it Slow & Bucks. 

However the nail in the coffin was when after Trav makes that diss song towards 50 with all 3 featured in the video, Trav & Slowbucks decide to take a picture with 50's estranged son Marquise and post it on Instagram with Slow giving the middle finger. And 50 )who used this same tactic against his enemy and new Slowbucks associate Rick Ross when he had Ricks son & bm on video in Vegas at Floyd's mansion) let them know this was a bad idea. 

Regardless as I and a lot of people said on here when 50 commented that pic was a bad idea it almost for sure meant retaliation. I don't know why Trav & Slowbucks would play with Fif like that. Everyone knows 50 is crazy and a rich official street nigga. His own enemies like Bang Em, Domination & Chaz have gone on record and said though they don't like him 50 is a real nigga and really about that life. Wakas Uncle Bimmy who was a Supreme Team underboss went on record and said 50 is a gangster. If you judge a street nigga by his enemies why go against a nigga who had beef with Supreme, Jimmy Henchman, Haitian Jack, Hamo, Suge Knight, Jimmy Iovine & Murder Inc and won each time?

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