Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The beating was swift, severe and uneven.
About a dozen east-siders pummeled Young Jeezy’s artist HBK of Doughboyz Cashout and a friend at Cobo Hall on Wednesday in a video that has gone viral. The assault was followed by pledges of retaliation. 
The Motor City Muckraker has learned that two of those responsible are lesser-known rappers Icewear Vezzo and Green Guy Webbie, both of whom are clearly seen in the video assaulting HBK, a west-side rapper. Green Guy Webbie even stomped on HBK while he was knocked out. Both rappers took credit for the attack on Thanksgiving but backed off after they were bombarded with death threats on Instagram and Twitter this weekend.

Green Guy boldly posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing an expensive necklace that was ripped off of HBK’s neck in the attack, heightening fears of a flashback to the violence that ended the lives of promising rappers Blade Icewood and Wipeout in 2004 and 2005. That, too, was a rivalry between east-side and west-side rappers.
Over the weekend, fans of Doughboyz Cashout pledged retaliation, and one even posted a $30,000 bounty on Green Guy’s head.
That was followed by other threats:
“Bitch I’m killing you and every nigga standing around you nigga when I see you pussy,” Jordon _Eljefe wrote to Green Guy on Instagram.
“U know u gone get kiled for that right?” Wanbeballin asked on Instagram.
“Ima be carrying yo head fucking with doughboyz you just killed yo self lil nigga,” 7mil_ wrote on Instagram.
Green Guy Webbie, who raps mostly about sex, money and violence, posted an explanation before quickly taking it down.
“Fuck whoever feel some type of way and don’t know wtf going on and don’t know anybody from neither sides so all u hoes and niggaz making fake threats don’t write a check u can’t afford to cash watch yo Fuking mouth,” Green Guy wrote.
Fans of the east-side rappers, though, warned to retaliate against any retaliation – echoing the cycle of violence that can follow such high-profile rivalries.
“If anything happen veez u think everybody in DBCO (Doughboyz Cashout) wont disappear?” Instagram user cashondeck313 wrote to Green Guy’s foes. “Start a war n we will finish it.”

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